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Create Your Own Internet TV Channel Today! GO LIVE NOW WITH ANY VIDEO CAMERA! Broadcast High Definition Live or On-Demand Video via an Unlimited Number of Channels with No Annoying Pre-Roll or Pop-Up Video Ads, While Broadcasting to Thousands of Websites.

Why Use

  • is the ONLY TRUE WHOLESALE HD VIDEO CDN with Pricing Beginning at $9.95 a Month.
  • Allow Anyone to View, Shared and Experience Your Live Events.
  • Easy to Use, Powerful, Live Internet Broadcasting Platform.
  • Broadcast with a Video Input and an Internet Connection.
  • Automatically Syndicate Your Broadcast to Thousands of Websites.
  • Make Your Broadcast Available via Your Website.
  • No Long Term Video Hosting or Streaming Contracts.
  • No Pre-Roll or Pop-Up Video Ads
  • Customize Your Channel Webpages with Your Own Logo and Design.
  • Interact with Your Audience via Live Chat.
  • The Only Video Broadcast Service to Offer PPV Pay-Per-View Broadcast Service.
  • Offer Private Broadcasts.
  • Broadcast Security Protection
  • Manage Your Own Channels and Profile
  • Broadcast Analytics
  • Worry Free Functional Broadcasting with our Authentic CDN Content Delivery Network Service.
  • Offer High Definition Low Latency Video Broadcasts
  • Embed Video Hosted on or Streamed via Other Video Service Provider's Websites.
  • and Its Affiliate Websites Have Achieved Top Search Engine Placement.
  • Built in SEO Search Engine Optimization Applications.
  • Built in Video Sharing Features.
  • Built in Video Rating Features with Comments.
  • New Features and Applications will continue to be added to the Cast Network Service.

About's Wholesale Service

*Rates Starting at $9.95 a Month! allows anyone to employ the power of live broadcasting to a Worldwide Audience. offers a Flash-based Live and (VOD) Video On Demand, interactive webcasting / broadcasting platform that is far superior to other streaming video services available on the Internet today. is the only TRUE WHOLESALE HD VIDEO (CDN) Content Delivery Network extending the LOWEST PRICING FOR LEGITIMATE HIGH DEFINITION STREAMING VIDEO WITHOUT ANNOYING AND INTERRUPTIVE VIDEO ADVERTISING PRE-ROLLS AND POP-UPS. Cast Network is also very proud to offer the ONLY LIVE STREAMING VIDEO AND VOD STREAMING WEBCAST SERVICE THAT ALSO DISTRIBUTES / SYNDICATES YOUR CONTENT ACROSS THOUSANDS OF WEBSITES. Cast Network's technology has powered live webcasts / broadcasts for numerous high-profile clients and provides a long format HD Video Hosting Service and a Live Video Streaming Service that is second to none. Cast Network allows its users to webcast live or VOD on the Internet using a variety of different features and options including: LIVE CHAT, PRIVACY AND SECURITY FEATURES, (PPV) Pay-Per-View, FREE EMBEDDING OF VIDEO FROM ANY OTHER VIDEO STREAMING SERVICE, VIDEO DISTRIBUTION AND SYNDICATION, BUILT IN (SEO) SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION FEATURES, VIDEO SHARING FEATURES, VIDEO BROADCAST ANALYTICS and the list goes on. There is no need for technical expertise as you simply fill out a form to create your Live or VOD TV Channel. If you are posting a VOD you may browse for and then upload your video during the course of filling out the form. If you are broadcasting live you will utilize Adobe's Flash Media Live Encoder (Mac and PC). The FMLE is a powerful FREE tool that will enable you broadcast live via a very intuitive and user friendly interface. You may use and its affiliate websites FREE OF CHARGE if you would like to embed your hosted or streaming video from another Live or VOD Service Provider. Your video(s) will be categorically referenceable and viewable just as if the you were using the Cast Network's Video Broadcast Service. Most other video streaming services offer a low quality FREE VIDEO STREAMING SERVICE that displays their logo on the video along with video pop-up ads and/or pre-roll commercials that interfere with the viewing experience of the streaming video. These same companies then charge outrageous fees for what they call Premium Video Streaming Services and then pass on the bandwidth and storage fee costs they accumulate from the FREE VIDEO SERVICE to those who pay for the PREMIUM VIDEO SERVICE PACKAGES. Cast Network operates in a completely different way. does not offer a free low quality video service upfront to gain traffic at its website only then to convert its users into OVERPAYING PREMIUM CLIENTS. ALLOWS ITS USERS TO EMBED FREE VIDEO THAT IS ESTABLISHED VIA ANY LIVE OR VOD VIDEO STREAMING WEBCAST SERVICE INTO ITS NETWORK AND OFFERS FREE DISTRIBUTION AND SYNDICATION OF THE VIDEO CONTENT VIA THOUSANDS OF WEBSITES. This free service is unlike any other on the Internet today. allows its competitors video players to be added to its network for the following reasons:

1. Users may prefer video editing, encoding or player applications or amenities that other Streaming Video Service Providers offer.
2. Because does not offer free low quality video streaming. (The reason for this is to keep bandwidth and storage overhead cost very low in order to offer the LOWEST HD VIDEO STREAMING AND HD VIDEO HOSTING SERVICES AVAILABLE.)
3. The Cast Network Service is focused on assisting video content providers syndication and distribution of their content rather than bait and switch tactics.
4. By offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to do what they would like to do, without competitor restrictions, insures in good faith to Cast Network users Cast Network's fair and impassioned quest of assisting its broadcasting participants of the highest possible viewership. Wholesale HD Video CDN Rates Chart

Search Engine Ranking Report

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PPV Webcast#1Google, Bing
Live Pay-Per-View Broadcast#1Google, Yahoo, Bing
Live PPV Broadcast#1Google, Yahoo, Bing
Pay-Per-View Webcast#1 Bing
Webcast PPV#1Bing
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